Mobile Phone Polling

​​Using various mobile ad delivery platforms and gaming APPS for iPhone and Android, we can reach millions of panelists, more quickly, and at lower costs, than traditional phone and web based methods.

Through our partnerships we can identify mobile phone users and deliver micro targeted content to their smart phone, on a real time basis. The data can be used to identify specific user opinions, attitudes, trends, and behavior. 

By using various mobile content delivery platforms, we can poll and profile users through a dedicated API almost instantaneously. 

We have fielded more than 6 million survey research questions in 160 countries using this method.

Comprehensive Benchmark Survey

​​The basis for gaining a snapshot of public opinion is through a quantitative telephone survey.  We design the questionnaire, select the survey parameters, collect and process the data.  Then we analyze the results and make strategic and linguistic recommendations.

Our surveys set the standard by which client decisions are made and policy discussions are framed.  One cannot underestimate the importance of our survey research capabilities and the impact it has on strategic and marketing decisions.   The uniqueness of our methodology, combined with our ability to poll people in any country or language gives a significant and clear advantage to our clients.


Utilizing sophisticated cross-tabular analysis, we help our clients understand which words, messages or images resonate with each segment particular segment of the population. 

 We are a global and multi-lingual survey research organization and have done work for clients in many countries and languages.

Pres. Obama ad tested among Europeans who did not like the reference to killing of Bin Laden  as they oppose capital punishment.

Speech of German Chancellor Merkel at segmented by CDU and SPD voters. Strong message more popular with CDU voters. 

Cellphone provider ad segmented by Gender.  Men react negatively at end when wife tells husband she is pregnant again.

Perception Analysis Focus Groups

The most cutting edge and technologically advanced methods are incorporated into traditional Focus Groups.  Utilizing hand-held dials, participants continuously rate videos of television ads and speeches on a "moment-to-moment" basis. 

These focus groups are the best way to discover the most effective message, language and video image for a political candidate, commercial, or public affairs issue.  The right words or phrases can mean the difference between success and failure. 

 Some of the advantages are:

  • We can isolate specific words and phrases and test their effectiveness
  • Testing complicated and extended arguments is easy
  • We isolate “the best” and “the worst” in language and messages
  • Commercials and advertisements are tested and edited based on results
  • Segmentation of the results helps in ad and message placement
  • The “Results Presentation” is easily understand by the client
  • The results of a single focus group can be viewed alone or together with others
  • There is a sophisticated quantitative polling component during every focus group 
  • Participants answer anonymously and cannot influence others
  • The moderator is aware of the results in real time
  • The discussion is adjusted based on reactions 
  • The research methodology is tested and reliable